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How to make PANI PURI (GOLGAPA) Step by Step



Material:  Semolina (shoji), flour (Maida), wheat flour (Atta), round cutter(How to make PANI PURI (GOLGAPA)), onion, potato, black chili, red chili, salt, water, green chili, roasted cumin powder, oil and pan.



  • First take the semolina, flour, wheat flour and mix it with water.
  • Make its soft dough.
  • The soft dough is ready.
  • Then we cover it with a plastic sheet for 20 minutes.
  • After the 20 minutes, we mix it more.
  • Then prepare its bigger dough.
  • Then put the oil on the surface and make it very thin and big size roll.
  • To make the pure we will cut it by taking a round cuter.
  • Then we take it on the plate.
  • Then take oil in the pan and fry the oil.
  • Then we put the pure fry in the oil.
  • When the color of pure will brown then we rake out from the pan.
  • Then for spicy and green water, we make chutney.
  • Then take black salt, roasted cumin powder, crushed black pepper, red chili and mix it.
  • Then we prepare tamarind pulp water.
  • And put the salt and black salt, red chili powder, black chili powder.
  • After that our chutney will prepare.
  • Then we put the Bundi in the green water.
  • Take boiled potatoes. For masala of pure. Mix it with salt, black salt, black chili, green chili, etc.
  • Put the pieces of onion and mix it.
  • Then our pane pure stuffing is ready.

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